Novelty experience for £3.33(Based on 3 people sharing a car for the £10 pre-paid price)
Save money.
Young children will not disturb the film for others and a chance to see if they could sit through a film at a conventional cinema.
Personal space - you can relax and stretch out in your own car, familiar surroundings.
You can bring your own food and drink…or why not get a take away delivered to your car to eat while you are watching the film.
Surprise a partner as a romantic date - what are the chances they have been to a drive-in movie
 (unless they have already made it to one of our showings)
Won't have to sit through 15 minutes of adverts before the film starts
You won't have a random person disturbing the film for you by having their mobile phone ring
 (unless you are that random person, feel free to answer!!)
You won't have some random teenager kicking your chair and throw popcorn in your hair
 (own children in vehicle not accounted for!)
If you have an open top vehicle, you can watch the film with the roof down (or a dry night) adding to the whole drive-in atmosphere.